End of the Season Wrap Up: Thoughts on the final game?

Alas the season is over and all we’re left is the memories of this awesome season and the anticipation for 2017. For the next seven days some folks of Jays tumblr and I will look back at the season that was and give our thoughts and tidbits. Today we looked at that final ALCS game that eliminated and ended the Jays season:

Many had the same reaction, sad to see the season end the way it did.

buddleia (disqus): Dissapointing. No runs, really?!?!?

@jaysgirlemily:  Everything hurts and Marco deserved better

@rainingsun: the last game was heartbreaking – I kept thinking about how good our pitchers were all season long! Upset that Tulo was the last out of the season. Really hit me near the end of the game how many players might be gone next year


@desadaraay: To be honest, I found it so uneventful. There were no hits strung together so they could not really get anything started. It was something that I felt like I was just watching our season slowly slip away. I did not want to believe it. In the 6th inning, when Andrew Miller came in after Bautista got a single, I knew we were not going to start a rally. The only thing I can say to which ever national league team that wins their LCS is get to the Cleveland starters early because you won’t get any runs after Miller comes in.

But despite being sad about the end you couldn’t be ignorant of the fact coming back from 3-1 deficit would be difficult:

LS (disqus):  Expected. Prepared for it. But still sad and disappointing as heck.

@zerotolove: I wasn’t surprised. They had had games like that all season: struggling to get anything going, excellent pitching from starter to relievers but no run support. After the first few innings I kind of had a feeling things weren’t going to go our way. You could just feel it: Estrada was pitching great but it seemed like Cleveland had a decent eye for some of his pitches, and our guys couldn’t seen to hit anything at all. Edwin that that hit near the end of the game that I still can’t believe didn’t go out, but that was about it. On another note, I am a little happy that Bautista and Edwin’s potential last game in a Blue Jays uniform was at Rogers Centre.

Yet this was still the Blue Jays, the Blue Jays that can get to any pitcher, the Blue Jays the can rally quickly, so there was always a glimmer of hope:

@troshtuloson: I’ll be honest and say I was keeping up hope the whole time. It was difficult, especially with my Debbie Downer parents watching and my twitter feed freaking out, but I mean, it was only 3 runs, if they could have channeled their bats from Game 4, that would have been no problem to beat. But the bats just weren’t there again for some reason.


For those who attended the game there seemed to be a shared realization that they witnessed potentially the final games of so many Blue Jays we’ve grown to care for.

@bonjourrr: I was at the final game, it was kind of sad. Just knowing that a bunch of the players on the team weren’t going to be back made me sad the whole game regardless of the game itself.

@mckina-elizabeth: I don’t quite know the word to pick. I want to say bittersweet. Standing in the dome you could tell how much all 50,000 people wanted the win. With each out going by hopes dwindled. But in the bottom of the 9th – the dome was electric. Were we losing, yes, but the cheers for both Jose and Edwin gave me chills. I had tears in my eyes and was taking in the whole moment which was something really special. Also when the game ended, the amount of people just like me that took their time to sit in their seats and soaked in the moment, the season, the memories, was really nice to see. It was nice to just take that 15 minutes and reflect. (That sounds so sappy – but it’s true)


As for me who was neither at the game or saw the live broadcast I kinda had a different perspective at the whole thing. I knew the outcome of the game already when I watched it, so there was almost a bit of sadness from the very beginning. Knowing that every runner that got on base would be left stranded is not the best way to watch a ball game. Overall though I thought that final game was a quick summary of most of the frustrating games of 2016. Like mentioned by rainingsun, our starting pitchers consistently pitching well but needed to be perfect because the bats weren’t gonna help them off the hook for any mistakes the made. Like jaysgirlemily said, Estrada did not deserve this, and I felt like we could have said this for every Jays starter in the ALCS.

I was sure glad though that Bautista and Encarnacion got final ABs in the 9th. I think mckina-elizabeth described it perfectly, the cheers in the 9th were more than just a rallying call, it was a thank you and a potential goodbye to some long tenor Blue Jays. And I’m so happy that they had that moment.


So yeah, this was kinda a depressing start to this wrap and I apologize, but let’s be fair only 1 out of the 30 MLB teams will have a happy wrap up.

Tomorrow i will be posting our thoughts on the season as a whole. If you’re interested in being part of this just send me a DM or a non-anonymous ask of your respond, here’s a link to the rest of the questions as well.


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