End of the Season Wrap Up: Thoughts on the season?

Alright day 2 of this wrap up. Yesterday we looked back at game 5 of the ALCS today we look at the 2016 season as a whole.

@desadaraay: This season was absolutely incredible. The closer you get, the more it hurts. It was something special. I live in Vancouver, BC and so flew down to California when the jays played Oakland to see them play live. It was something special. You could feel the energy from the traveling fans. They were all cheer MVP when JD ripped that two run double down the left field. Only a month later I flew to Toronto to see family, but everyone is my family is a jays fan so about 18 of us all went to the game together and just sitting in Rogers Centre, I was star struck. So much history had happened in that building. You could feel the energy and the history.


@mckina-elizabeth: It was such an amazing journey. Watching how they fought back when people had already discounted them was thrilling to watch. Although we didn’t go all the way, the way we won the WC and ALDS were in true Blue Jays style and I loved every second of it.

@jaysgirlemily Last year was better but this year was still fun. Especially the first week of October. Wow.

@troshtuloson: I think the season was great! This was my first full season back at it since the late 90s, the last time I was completely obsessed, so even though sometimes the offence was frustrating, or in the first half the bullpen was frustrating, there was still so many great things that happened this season. And being able to fly to Toronto 3 times and get in 13 games, including the Wild Card was friggin amazing. I can’t wait to do it all again next year!


LS (disqus): What a ride! So many ups and downs. Emotions all over the place. So uncertain at times. That last series of the reg season at home, not knowing if that was it, then Boston, the WC game the Texas sweep, the end, WOW! That’s why I love baseball and this team!


@sluttyanon2: The season was the opposite of what I expected. Stellar pitching, but hitting was what really cost us in the end. There were some wonderful moments and I really loved the chemistry between the players.


@zerotolove: Toronto vs. Everybody. I felt that in my soul this year. I felt it every time Bautista was booed in the batters box. I felt it when opposing fans chanted U-S-A. I felt it when the All-Star Game announcers decided to do an in-game interview the entire time Aaron Sanchez was pitching. I felt it when Trevor Bauer tweeted all those America flags after Cleveland won on Canada Day. I felt when everyone said 2015 was a fluke but then the Jays made it to the ALCS again anyway.


@rainingsun: The season was up and down but overall was exciting and unpredictable and I loved it!

buddleia (disqus):  Roller coaster ride. This is the first full season that I followed and paid attention to since 1992 and 1993, but back then I didn’t understand baseball as much. Honestly I’m glad it’s over. I need my life back. 😀 (I’m such a bad Jays fan, I know)

@bonjourrr: I thought we had a fantastic season, albeit it being a roller coaster ride. I feel like we did have a problem with consistency the whole season.

@atedaryl: It was a weird season that kinda lacked consistency outside the starting pitchers which were a blessing from the heavens. The bats and bullpen seemed really streaky and after 3-4 wins I always wondered how much longer the bats could stay hot.


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