End of the Season Wrap Up: Blue Jays MVP?

Last year choosing the Teams MVP was quite easy. Donaldson was just insanely amazing over everyone else. This year we saw a couple more people step up and have career years which seen by the variety of responses I got:

buddleia (disqus):  Pillar (cuz I know JD and Tulo will get a lot of votes XD )


LS (disqus): If I have to pick one I’d pick EE or JD but honestly it has to be the entire starting pitching staff, all of them even Dickey and Liriano, who joined us late. They were our saving grace all season, the reason we made it to the post season. They were fighters, they were steady, they managed to stay healthy for the most part and when they weren’t they fought through it admirably and they gave us a chance to win every playoff game. Before the season started everyone painted them as our greatest weakness, they turned out to be our greatest strength. My heroes. Our heroes. game. You know


The rest of the of responses can be narrowed down to three players:

@jaysgirlemily:  Either Sanchez, EE or Donaldson


Donaldson had pretty much a better season than last year and outperformed over all the bats during the postseason so I’m not surprised that he got MVP votes:

@sluttyanon2: The Blue Jays MVP was Josh all the way. Shout outs to Eddy and Sanchez. Osuna was awesome.

@desadaraay: Not only because he is the reigning MVP, but man, has JD done an incredible job not just in the batter’s box, but on the field as well. He also does so much for the teams approach to every game. You know when the game starts, he is going to give everything he has that day. He is an incredible a great competitor.


A couple of us couldn’t ignore the amazing performance Aaron Sanchez had all season long. Dude was fighting for a fifth starter role and ended up with an ERA tittle. Well done kid.

@atedaryl: Aaron Sanchez. We all knew he was good. We all knew he put on weight to be able start the full year but the quality of starts we got from him was insane. You can literally count in one hand the starts that were bad. I’m really excited to see what next for this kid.

@zerotolove: Aaron Sanchez. The guy spent something like 4 months fielding questions about if he was good enough, or how long he was going to be good enough. And through it all he pitched amazing games.


And then their was Encarnacion. The man had a career year at the most opportune time.

@troshtuloson: As much as I want to say Josh, right up till September he was very much in the talks the experts were always having, but September hurt him in that I think. He was still such a massive part of the Jays success this season while battling a bunch of injuries. He is definitely 2nd on my list. MVP goes to Edwin. It seemed like he never had a slump at all, he was healthy all season, and just always there when the team needed him. And not only with his bat, he made some awesome plays at first as well! Playoffs MVP goes to a tie between Josh and Zeke.

@bonjourrr: Encarnation, I feel like he was the most consistent defence/offensive-wise.

@rainingsun: UGH- this question is so difficult! I dunno, I’m split between like 6 guys. I’m gonna say Edwin because he was surprisingly good at first, drove in the most runs and by using him at 1B we got around the liability of Smoaks bat.(with Josh, Jose, Tulo and Martin all VERY close behind and also basically all of our pitchers)


@mckina-elizabeth: I have to go with Edwin. He came up huge when required. So many moments in the regular season and then sealed the deal in the WC game – a moment Jays fans won’t be forgetting any time soon. Although there are many I’d like to pick.


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