End of the Season Wrap Up: Least favourite moment of the season?

So this one is a little less fun. Every season will have it ups and downs and these were the moments the we thought the team was the most down.

Ouch this one hurts and it came so early in the season as well.

@rainingsun: I’m sorry to bring this up but the worst moment for me was finding out the news about Cola


@jaysgirlemily:  When Travis got hurt (Also losing the ALCS)


I was at the final game of this because I was so hopeful that we wouldn’t get swept but the Rays. Boy was I wrong.

@desadaraay: Back in May, we got swept by Tampa, and they outscored us 31-7. I think I rolled my eyes a lot over those few days.


A couple of got annoyed when we saw amazing pitching wasted by our “supposed to be” amazing offense.

@atedaryl: I get really mad when starting pitchers awesome starts are wasted and I think the pinnacle of this was Sanchez’s start in DET. Sanchez pitched 8 scoreless innings and the Jays still loss the game. He was so dominant during that game and had nothing to show for it, other than a lowered ERA.

@zerotolove: June 7th vs Detroit: Sanchez was amazing. He took a one-hitter into the 9th then the bullpen blew the save. I was heartbroken for him.


And of the course the brawls. The Texas one should really be a low for the Rangers and not the Jays. Get over the bat flip. If there is anyone the Rangers should be mad at about it is themselves for playing crap baseball. Bless that the Jays got the last laugh.

buddleia (disqus): Any time the Jays lost. Also when Odor punched Joey Bats. Benoit getting hurt in the brawl against the Yankees. So uneccessary. Tepera pitching a walk-off walk to the Giants.

@bonjourrr: The Odor punch was my least favourite moment, for more than just me being protective of the team.

@troshtuloson: I guess the only thing I can really come up with is the brawl, even though I did love seeing evidence that the team is there for each other through anything. I honestly don’t know what else to write besides the season ending too soon.

(And because I refuse to give the brawl anymore traffic here’s karma for you.)

And of course another brawl which I think is a little more the Jays fault compared to the first one. It was stupid and costly.

@sluttyanon2: Least favourite moment of the season might have been one of a few things. Maybe the petty brawl with the Yankees in contrast with the beautiful game to celebrate JoFer that same day. Maybe Bautista getting hurt. Maybe elimination

LS (disqus): I could say the Texas brawl here but that was on them, more than us. So I’ll go with the Yankee brawl near the end of the season as my least favorite moment that sticks out. So pointless. Disappointed that Happ didn’t give it up after the first pitch where he ‘took aim’, that would’ve gotten the point across and it likely would’ve ended there. He risked being tossed in a crucial game. It cost us Benoit, almost cost us Travis (though we lost him later anyways) and could’ve cost us the season. More insults from our opponents, and fuel for the fire that is our ‘bad reputation’. Very dumb.

@mckina-elizabeth: The NYY fight. It was pointless and our guys ended up suffering in the end because of injuries. It was pretty sad. The punch and the attention it received. And of course, it ending.


Sorry for the downer today but tomorrow is our favourite moments so that should be a lot more fun.


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