End of the Season Wrap Up: Favourite moment of the season?

So yesterday’s write up was depressing but here’s one that’s a little more fun. Unlike yesterday where people seemed to gravitate to 3-4 moments as the lowest point of the season, there was a huge variety of answers for out favourite moments. I think part of the reason for this is we all have our own favourite players but also because, despite how this season ended, it was still a fun and successful season filled with so many more ups than down.

So I’m not gonna group any of this cause I don’t think I can and will just list them out in some type of chronological order, although most of you guys cheated my listing 50 favourite moments, lol.

@troshtuloson: I can’t pick just one. Seeing Josh hit his first grand slam as a Blue Jay in person. Josh’s 3 homer day. Tulo getting back to being himself after being in the DL, Cecil working hard and getting back to his awesome self and showing the haters they were wrong. Marco, once again, quietly amazing everyone.. Joe Biagini surprising the hell out of everyone. The Wild Card win. Three champagne celebrations. Being a cheerleader for the underdogs (Thole, Smoak, Cecil), Jason Grilli joining the team, making a bunch of new friends! And so so many more!


@atedaryl: Okay, there may a theme with my answers. What can I say I really love my starting pitchers. Happ’s performance in San Francisco is still one of my favourite things to watch. He was 1 out away from a complete game and I’m still kinda bitter that Gibby didn’t give him the chance.


@mckina-elizabeth: Where do I start?! Hat tricks by Saunders and Josh. Bat Drop. Donaldson Dash. Jose with the 3 run HR in Texas. Josh’s grand slam during the home opener. The list goes on and on. Oh and discovering the Jays Twitter fam – it changed my experience this season in the best of ways.


@bonjourrr: My favourite moment of the season was Tulo’s ovation from Colorado.


buddleia (disqus): Finding your gifs! 😀 Sweeping the Rangers! Also Goins and Barney pitching on July 1!!! EE winning the wild card! Finding out Marco’s walk-up song is Drowning Pool’s Bodies. Our silly bean is into heavy metal! Who would’ve guessed!


@desadaraay: SO MANY. Your gifs remind me of all the incredible moments. On July 3rd, the Jays scored 17 runs, and when went on a 7 game winning streak. That was fun!


@jaysgirlemily: Obvious answer is the WC walkoff, but mine is walking off the Padres, followed by Travis returning from injury


@zerotolove: This is a hard choice to make. I’m stuck between Edwin’s walkoff home run in the Wildcard game and the Rain Delay Miracle Game at Yankee Stadium. (Sweeping the Rangers was also really fun)


@rainingsun: There are so many amazing moments. The Tulo grand slam and the wild card walk off are gonna be tied for me.


LS (disqus): So many great moments Happ’s 20th win, JD & Saunders hat tricks, Devon’s absolute joy when he finally returned to the lineup, Eddie’s WC HR, Osuna’s playoff brilliance, but I’d have to go with the Donaldson dash & the sweep of Texas(on my birthday thank you!). Jose and the entire team brushed off all the controversy, went out there and just did their thing and dominated. The sign in T.O. for game 3 said it best ‘Rather be punched in May, then get knocked out in October’. That was a disgraceful moment and the way Odor, the team and fans conducted itself afterwards and gloated about it was pathetic and I hate to say it but that final moment with Odor’s mistake felt like justice. Maybe Texas can find something else to hang their hat on next season, because as much as the Jays get criticized for being ‘classless’, that season long display of gloating about physical violence being warranted because a player dared to flip a piece of wood in a career defining moment of joy, is about as classless as it gets.


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