Kevin Pillar and R.A. Dickey finalist for Gold Glove.

Kevin Pillar and R.A. Dickey finalist for Gold Glove.

Rawling Sports announced the finalist for the Gold Glove Award and both R.A. Dickey and Kevin Pillar were name for their respective positions. As I write this, Rawlings has yet to announce their finalist for right field but I’m fairly certain that none of the Jays that played RF will be a contender so let’s focus on this two. Also I want to note that I have no clue how to assess defense. I don’t really understand the defensive stats and so this all on eye test.

Assessing pitcher’s defense is always a little weird for me. I mean as long as they’re fielding doesn’t cost the team runs(cough, I’m looking at you Stro and your weird throws during the middle of the summer) I mean what else can you ask for. I always like it when the pitcher runs away from the ball and let the guys who are paid to play defense to take care of it. Dickey has always fielded his position well and already has gold glove from 2013 and I guess folks from Rawlings agreed.


And Kevin Pillar. Let’s be honest if Pillar wasn’t named a finalist for this folks from Toronto would be trowing beer bottles at the Rawlings HQ. Pillar has spoiled us with his defense for two seasons now to the point that when he doesn’t make a catch, even the most difficult ones (the Biagini hit in the postseason is one I’m thinking about), we’re shock. I really hope Pillar wins this one cause the dude really deserves it.




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