End of the Season Wrap Up: What are you looking forward to the most in 2017?

And here’s the final part of this wrap up and I have to say I think we’re all pretty excited for 2017.

@atedaryl: I want to see how this offence will hold up with the potential loss of Bautista and Encarnacion. They Jays were alright with less that amazing Bautista, but Encarnacion this year was insane. Also, with those two gone this team will really look to Tulo, Donaldson, and Martin’s as even more of leaders which I’m really excited to see. I also can’t wait until until Reddick is a Blue Jay (pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeeee).

@sluttyanon2: I’m looking forward to our rotation next year. I’m interested to see how consistent Liriano and Stroman can be.

@jaysgirlemily: The continued existence of Troy Tulowitzki & Russell Martin, Blue Jays

@desadaraay: Praying that JoeyBats and EE are back in Blue Jay uniforms next year!! Otherwise, to see guys like Stro and Sanchez really develop themselves. Honestly, there is no way to know how good they will get. Sanchez had such an incredible season. I cannot wait to see him have a full season as a starter without having to worry about him going to the bullpen.


buddleia (disqus): Sanchez pitching a full season with no talk about his innings limit! More Carrera. And seeing Stroman pitch better. I love him.


LS (disqus): I’m honestly looking forward to seeing what the Jays look like come 2017. This will be a very different team and I’m honestly excited about it. This team, as painful as it may be needs to change, needs to get younger and needs to move forward, even if that means without JB & EE(though I hope they keep at least 1). It’s a weak free agency field this year so trades will likely be necessary to fill the empty spots and that worries me but I know it must be done, hopefully it works out and makes us better and we can compete again. I think the window of opportunity is still there for us and hopefully the moves we make help us get there and make us better for the future. I look at what Atkins & Shapiro did in Cleveland with far less payroll and I look at the people they’ve started to surround themselves with and I’m as optimistic as I’ve been in a long time that our future will be bright.

@mckina-elizabeth: More baseball of course. But for a real answer I’m looking forward to seeing how this team looks. There’s quite a bit that’s up in the air so I know things are going to be quite different and while I don’t want to say goodbye to anyone, it’s only natural for a team to change. It’s going to be another amazing ride though, I can tell.

@bonjourrr: Although it being bittersweet, I’m excited to see who comes back/ who we sign in the off season.

@rainingsun: Making it past the ALCS? Is it too early to say that? Honestly I’m just looking forward to another year with hopefully a similar core group and most of our starting pitchers back. Sorry for spamming you!! This was fun! Thanks for all the gifs and everything all season long!

@troshtuloson: I’m looking forward to seeing this amazing team make another run for the World Series, seeing what new teammates get signed, and what old teammates return. And definitely looking forward to more trips to see games, hopefully a few away games as well! And hopefully more meet ups with friends!


And this has to be my favourite. So simple, so direct, so accurate.

@zerotolove: Winning the World Series, duh.





Finally I want to thank everyone who participated. It was super fun to read your perspective of the season. You guys are all awesome. I hope you guys follow each and everyone of these awesome Jays fans here.

But wrap is technically done cause I’m currently working on my hot list, so bare with me before GIFs start coming out on a more daily basis.


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