Full games available on YouTube.

Just heads up for anyone going through Blue Jays withdrawal and don’t have a subscription to MLB TV a bunch of games, full games, was just posted on MLB’s YouTube page. And unlike many of their game clips these ones are actually available to watch in Canada. The Jays away games are using the home teams broadcast so unfortunately no Pat and Buck (or fortunately depending on your opinion on Pat and Buck). Here are some of the more interesting (winning) games available:


TEX AT TOR – May 04, 2016


Martin walk-off.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZ-AN_rL2jk


TOR AT BOS – June 05, 2016


Yet another pitching gem from Marco that saw him pitch a scoreless game into eighth against a Boston team that was on fire.

BAL AT TOR – June 12, 2016 

A slug fest that started with Jimenez getting pulled in the first inning after giving 5 runs.


PHI AT TOR – June 14, 2016


Blow out games are fun. Plus it was one of the few great start Stro had during that dark stretch he had. https://youtu.be/5EQmrSvuyes


TOR AT BOS – October 01, 2016


A win against Kimbrel… okay.

TOR AT TEX – October 07, 2016 

Remember when Pillar and Carrera homered of Darvish… yeah… that as fun.

Equally fun seeing Happ trying to wiggle himself out of runners on base situation.

Also this has been available for a while now but just for fun. G5 of the 2015 ALDS in it’s full glory.


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