Jays Update: 12/02/2016

So today was the deadline to tender a contract to arbitration eligible players. This year it included: Stroman, Barney, Carrera and Loup. If the Jays do not tender a contract the players will become free agents. But as the tweet below explained the Jays have decided to tender a contract to all players. Boys are gonna get some raises!



As you all see the Jays have also decided to thin out their 40 man by outrighting ANDY BURNS!!!! and (my) Chris Colabello.  Because of Andy Burns service time he cannot refuse the outright assignment. However Colabello can. This doesn’t essentially mean Cola is of the Jays system but because of accumulated service time (5 years) he can refuse the outright assignment and elect free agency. With really nothing to lose he would probably he would probably choose this option where he can start with a somewhat clean slate.


As many you know Colabello is one of my favourite, hell before the PED suspension he was my favourite, just check out the “Jay BAE” tag on my page. He was one of the main reasons I continued to watch the Jays after my initial game on July 14, 2015. His story, his blessings from the BABIP gods, and that adorable face got me so hooked on this game. And because all of that he will always have special place in my heart, despite the suspension.


So this is not a goodbye post… yet. But a, coming-to-terms-that-I-may-have-to-say-goodbye post.


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