Goodbye and Thank you Chris Colabello.

The who Cola electing free agency was no surprise. But geez, did it still affect me when I finally read it this morning. I remember seeing the tweet, and usually I would quickly RT and comment but I didn’t know what to say or write. It took me a while to finally post something. I know it’s stupid, but man, I really have to thank Chris Colabello for making me a Blue
Jays fan.

It’s weird to think that it wasn’t Josh Donaldson, Troy
Tulowitzki, or David Price  that caused
me to bandwagon in 2015. Cola wasn’t even in the lineup on the August 14, 2015 game. He came up to PH for Goins and walked. And I remember seeing his photo on jumbotron and thinking, “Wow, that looks like a guy who’s really gratefully to be playing baseball.”

And it stuck with me. I read up on him. His story about his muse, him not being drafted, playing Indie ball for 7 years, saying no to playing Korea so he can make it the big leagues, crying when he got signed with the Twins, the thumb injury, all that. Then I watched YouTube videos of his time with the Jays and how this random dude from Buffalo came up and went 2 for 4 and 4 for 4 in his first 2 games and then would have an 18 game hit streak. Then him stealing the every day job from Smoak during the postseason was just so fun to see. It was so easy to cheer for him. So yeah, it’s that stupid smile that got me hooked, dare I say, hooked on a feeling.

He quickly became my favourite and his shirsey was the first
Jays gear I ever bought.

For all of you guys who follow me because of my GIFs, well you should also thank Cola. He was the first Blue Jay that I ever GIFed and hooked me on this addiction.

And I hate that now all of that has been tainted with the
PED suspension.

But here I am, still sad to see him go. So I guess…

Thank you for the Pillar-Cola jig.

Thank you for those slappy singles.

Thank you for your happy face.

Thank you for making me so annoyed with Smoak.

Thank you for those droopy pants.

Thank you for pulling a Prince Fielder.

Thank you for your Cola stretches.

Just… thank you Cola.

And because it’ll make me sad if I ever see it again, I will now retire my tag “Jay BAE”. It served me well, and let’s be honest there’ll be nothing like you first baseball BAE.


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