Underestimating Devon Travis

So… I’m really, really, bored. And while I’m working on my prints I’ve been listening to old podcasts that discussed major moves that Jays made, so like the Martin, Donaldson, and Tulo signings and trades.

This one I’m sharing is about the Travis-Gose trade. The folks from Blue Jays Plus (now part of BP Toronto/Artificial Turf Wars)  interviewed Baseball Prospectus scouting reporter

Mark Anderson about what to expect from Travis and it’ll just make you LOL. It starts around the 17 min mark.

To be fair, everything Anderson said about Travis was commonly believed by many before the trade. But, he was the Tigers number one prospect and Anderson claimed Pillar was better than Travis. C’mon now… Was Pillar ever even considered a prospect?

But I love that despite all the negatives things being said, they still mentioned how awesome of a person Travis is.  “He’s a really humble kid… He’s down to earth… He knows this is an awesome opportunity presented to him… He works his tail off.” God, this angel is the real deal isn’t he?

Yes, yes, I know. We love him. And bless this trade.


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