2016 Blue Jays Top 10 Reactions


The MLB Instagram account posted their Top 10 reactions of 2016 this afternoon and I was kinda bummed that there was no Jays reaction on there, especially considering how underwhelming some of the reaction were. So I took it upon myself to create my own Top 10 Reaction just for our Blue Birds. Hope you enjoy.


08/31/2016: This gem was a reaction to Navarro scoring from first on a Travis’ double. For most people scoring from first on a double should be be a guaranteed run, but not for lovable Navi. The shock and joy of  the whole event was amazingly capture through Saunders hilarious reaction.


07/03/2016: Every time I see this reaction I can he hear an “ooooof.” That foul ball was so close to a HR, which I think would have been a grand slam for Tulo if it was fair.


09/21/2016: How can I make a reaction list without a Bautista reaction to a HR, and there is no doubt that this is the best one. That stare, that skip, that dirty bat drop. This is why #ThisManIsAGod.


09/06/2016: Baseball players really are just grown children. But I think the best part of this reaction GIF is the contrast within it. Tulo and GoGo with their unbounded excitement and Martin’s cool and collective “yeah, my team just did that” face.


10/02/2016: I don’t why but this makes me smile. I know it’s not supposed to but there’s something so childlike and genuine about Sanchez’s reaction here. “No ball… please go… fair… please… ugh… fine… I didn’t even care.”


06/12/2016: I could probably just make a top 10 list of Grill reaction but if I had to choose I’m choosing this one. I think this is one, if not the first Grilli-goes-crazy-reaction but the reason why I love it so much is the little Martin punches. I didn’t know people were allowed to mess with Martin and the moment I saw it I was shocked and preceded with ROFLing.


05/28/2016: When we got rumbles Travis was coming back the Jays were still in a dark place. There were plenty of jokes that Travis would be the saviour of this team when he came back, even I made them. But I didn’t think it it would actually happen. Even though Travis didn’t hit well when he returned his enthusiasm was well documented and this walk-off error (hit?) induced by him is just an example. Look at him, he’s just so damn happy.


10/06/2016: Alright… I know this is not a happy reaction but it’s still one of the best reaction of 2016. When Gibby came out to pull Estrada out of the game I’m pretty sure we were all reacting the same way (see GIF above). This could have been Estrada’s first complete game. And it would have been remembered for his amazing pitching performance and his team FINALLY giving him some run support, but baseball gods are sometimes unfair and we have to live with this reaction forever.


10/04/2016: So… our Blue Birds may have a little flair for the dramatics, and boy, do I love them for it. There are so many things to love about this reaction. The arm raising, the bat drop, the slow walk away from first, it’s all great. And then there’s even little Easter eggs in it. Wieter’s refusal to watch the HR, the crowd’s reaction in the background mimicking EE, and Ubaldo on the mound instead of

47 SV, 0.54 ERA, 74 SO, CY contender Britton.


10/09/2016: What else would be number one. The pure joy on Donaldson face after scoring the winning run to win the ALDS and sweep that Rangers is too damn fitting. He got up from that slide so quickly and I’m so glad that it was Tulo there that would catch him as he leaped for joy. This, and it’s not even close, has to be my favourite reaction of 2016.


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