Goodbye and Thank You Edwin Encarnacion

At a around 9 PM today John Heyman tweeted that Encarnacion
was going to Cleveland for 3/60.1 And
I don’t know about you guys but I’ve kinda processed the whole EE not being
with the Jays in 2017 thing as soon as they signed Morales and then nailed that
coffin when they signed Pearce. I had all the GIFs I would use to tweet
out my goodbyes all ready to go since that first day of the Winter Meetings.
But, despite all that it is still really sad to officially say goodbye.

And as much as I hate, it has to be done. So,

Thank you for being one half of BauCarnacion.

Thank you for the bombs.

Thank you for that adorable smile.

Thank you for your side adventures with Zeke.

Thank you for my first Blue Jays hat trick.

Thank you for 10/04.

Thank you for the parrot.

But most importantly, thank you for being part of the Blue Jays team that made me fall in love with baseball. The HRs, the comradery, and the story made this team really easy to cheer for and Encarnacion was huge part of the fun ride. I’m really happy that he got the money he wanted and is able to play for a team that will be in the hunt as well cause it wouldn’t be fair to see this talent wasted. So thank you again Edwin, I wish all the best in Cleveland.


Say hi to to Cola for me in Spring Training.


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