The Evil, Clubhouse Poisoning, José Bautista

It’s the holidays, there’s not much going on, any signings
that occur are minor, so what does one do when there’s absolutely nothing to
talk about? Well according to Steve Phillips, Blue Jays analyst on TSN 1050, it
seems like a good day to take jabs on José Bautista.


To be fair I don’t know the context of this quote,
there was no soundbite of the discussion associated to tweet so my reaction is
strictly based on the MLB Network Radio Tweet.

Reading things like this is annoying, especially because there are so many photos, tweets, and articles that state otherwise.

But maybe, just maybe, Mr. Philips has a point. I
mean, look at these things that I found on Bautista, what a monster:

Look at him assault Pillar like that.


I hear his teammates are even afraid to get near him.


And we all can’t forget how much he hates Tulo. He probably calls Tulo “Reyes” just to annoy him.


Bautista’s terrible attitude is even well known in the hockey world. Even the lovable P.K. Subban doesn’t have a nice thing to say about him.

A video posted by P.K. Subban (@subbanator) on May 28, 2016 at 10:15am PDT


And you never see him hang out with teammates during
the offseason. Can you blame them not wanting to spend anymore time with a person like Bautista?

A photo posted by Jose Bautista (@joeybats19) on Feb 7, 2016 at 7:23pm PST



There’s even quotes from fellow Blue Birds of how
terrible of a teammate and person he is:

[Do] I want [Encarnacion and Bautista] back? Of course I would. They’ve
been great teammates to me, great friends of mine. And I was actually just
hanging out with them just a few days ago.
”  – Josh Donaldson

I’m just excited to be with somebody who I know is at least as competitive as I am. I don’t feel like there’s many guys as competitive as I am but he’s one of them. We’re definitely on the same page when it comes to the will to win. Jose holds himself at a high standard and expects a lot out of himself. That’s the kind of leadership you want.” – Russell Martin



But I think this quote from former Blue Jay David
Price really best supports Mr. Philips’ statement. A month after starting a new
season with new team, Red Sox, Price was asked about his former teammates. Price
was finally able to get everything off his chest now that he was out of Toronto
and what he had to say was revealing.

When you face guys you never get a chance to get around them or to know them on a personal level, and everybody passes judgment. It’s not okay, but that’ what’s going to happen. I wasn’t a huge fan of Bautista, facing him all the years, him hitting all those home runs off me. I wasn’t a huge fan of him. But I will endorse that guy now any time. He’s a great guy and teammate. He works so hard. He comes in every single day with a ton of energy and a desire to win. He’s a guy that if he’s in the opposing team you may not like him, but he’s the guy you want on your team.” – David Price



So yeah, maybe my comments in the beginning of this
post was wrong. There’s obviously evidence after evidence that points to José
Bautista as a poison in the clubhouse. But I guess it’s for you guys to make
the final judgement.


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