The Blue Jays According to OOTP 17.

For those of you who do not know what OOTP is, it is a baseball simulation game where you choose to play as a team’s GM and/or manager. It’s different from a lot of baseball video game in that it it is mainly text based so no fancy graphics and images. However it’s a pretty addicting came and I do credit it in helping me get to know players from outside the ALE and the general workings of baseball teams.

Well, anyways I bought the 2017 version recently and was kinda shocked by how they chose to portray some of our Blue Birds. Some turned out okay but, my god, some are horrifying. I though it would be fun to post what they look like without any name so you guys can guess who they are.

Some of them are pretty obvious because the image is actually good or they are still part of the team they were with before they were traded to the Jays. Some of the players are in rehab assignments so they are under the Bisons logo (and LOL, if you know the injury history of certain players it should be obvious who’s in a rehab assignment). Also there’s one player that I traded away so he’s under a different team also. So enjoy trying to guess.


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