Toronto Blue Jays Winter Tour: Regina GIFs

Sanchez showing off his multi-tasking skills.

Kevin Pillar playing catch with a Kevin Pillar.

Congrats kid! You officially have more hits than 2016 Sanchez.

I joke. But I do love that he’s so excited about the hit that he needs to be reminded to run to first base.

Estrada playing with little human beings alert!!!!!!!! I think that second GIF will be very useful in 2017.

Those eyes…

Also where can I get this hat?? It super cute!

I should say that these are GIFs of Travis playing with some kids, but I’m not entirely convinced that this isn’t actually GIFs of kids playing with Travis.

My reply to this question from that face would be a gibberish mess.

Okay, I’m so guilty of editing the word “Regina”at the beginning of this clip but I thought this version would more enjoyable for most of you. If you’re not smiling after this set you need check yourself.

Sometimes I wonder if I should stop using the term Baby Blue Birds when describing the younger Jays, like Sanchez, but then he pulls this reaction off and I stop questioning it all.

This is what happens when you put a Florida boy in the middle of a Prairie winter. Just imagine how much we complain of -40 days. But look at him still smiling. Bless you little angel.

Source: Blue Jays @ Facebook


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