Winter Tour 2017 – #DarylMeetsJoe2k17

So as many of you know I was fortunate enough to go to the
Toronto leg of the Winter Tour. I even designed my own shirt for it knowing
that one of my faves, Joe “Jay BAE Jr” Biagini was going to be at the session I had
tickets for.


I’ve never been to a signing before but I expected it to be a
quick hi, I think you’re awesome, and quickly move on. They even made it clear
that you weren’t allowed to take any staged photos. I thought the best photo I
would get that day was going to be with Ace.


And that the only photo I would get of Joe would be this
creepy, stalker like photo. But boy was I wrong.


As my friend and I were waiting in line, a lot of folks were
super nice and complimented my “Be a Genie” shirt. It also got the attention of
some of the Jays crew on hand. They told me that
they were gonna take photos and film our meeting and his reaction to the shirt
which totally freaked me out. I don’t know if you guys remember my “Te, Its
”-moment but I get star struck fairly easily.

But with a little breathing and pep talk I think I was able
to control my spaziness.

Joe had a big smile when he saw my shirt and was so up for a
picture. He stood up quickly and I think we both realized how much he towered


I made the stupid joke of how tall he is, so he quickly crouched
down to make me look a little less hobbit like.


This is the only good photo my friend took (not sure about the photographer). It’s not her fault cause the rest of the time I’m so cheezing it up for the camera. I thought Joe would also, I was wrong.


Of course, we had to hi5 to cement the moment. So yes, I was palm on palm with Joe. ME. DARYL. PALM. ON. PALM.


He also suggested we do a more Joe like hi5 which I love
that he did because:

A) It’s such a Joe things and I’m so happy I got to see it up close.

B) It meant more Joe time.


I got him to sign the baseball he threw to me in Chicago. My friend and some of the crew were trying to convince me before the meeting to get him to sign the shirt. I wasn’t totally into it because I had no idea where he would be able to. The material is not great for signing and the only place he could were in some… ummm… interesting places. But he had other plans and after signing my baseball offered to sign my shirt as well. And you know what, when Joe Biagini offers to signs your shirt, you do so.


Scott Downs, was also awesome during the whole thing. I think he really enjoyed my fangirling. He asked me where his shirt was. I didn’t want to reply “Sorry, I wasn’t on the bandwagon yet when you were around,” so I told him next time. Zeke also said he really liked the shirt which totally made my day.

I want to take the @torontobluejays for hosting and organizing such a well run event. Also you know… allowing #DarylMeetsJoe2k17 to happen. Also want to thank Joe for not scaring so easily when it was very obvious that I was totally having a fangirl moment. You rock Joe!


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