Dear Baseball, Come Back to Me.

5 Things I Miss about Baseball

With Spring Training, less than a month away, I can’t help but get excited that baseball season is getting closer. But it also reminds me that man, I really miss baseball. So with these thoughts floating around my head I decided to continue and torture myself and list the top 5 things that I miss about the game we love. It’s not really in any order because, let’s be honest, I miss everything about it.

Buck and Pat.

I know they’re not the best play-by-play and color guys but their voice has been synonymous with baseball for me. Not hearing them for this long has made me really miss them. In fact, this whole missing Buck and Pat thing starts as soon as we are forced to listen to the national broadcasters during the postseason. Although it was nice to hear Buck’s voice during the World Series international broadcast. He seemed to try to bring the Jays up as much he could but the dude doing the broadcast with him wasn’t having any of it.  I miss Bucks home run calls, mispronunciations of names and total obliviousness on what’s happening during the game, what part of the game where at, or even who is actually playing. I miss Tabby trying to sound smarter than he really is, not correcting Buck’s mistakes, and fawning over the other team. Hmmm… why do I miss them again?


Jays Bromance

We all know how much I love the bromances in this team. This offseason the bromance department really took a big hit. Goodbye Saunders+Barney, goodbye Dickey+Happ, goodbye BauCarnacion, and even though they weren’t technically separated, all the StroChez rumours have not been fun. But we still have so many to look forward for and it’s always fun to watch new bromances blossom as the season unfolds, a la Estrada+Sanchez. Boy, I hear Steve Pearce is up for grabs!


Starting 5

I love our starting 5. Liriano still has a long way to becoming Dickey level of appreciation for me but what he did last year, how well he pitch and how willing he was to take any role given to him really upped his browny points. The SP carried this team throughout the whole year and I’m really interested to see how 2017 will unfold for them.


Tulo’s Magical Throws

Just a friendly remind that Troy Tulowitzki is a Blue Jay. I know we’ve had Tulo for almost 2 seasons now but even rewatching the game this winter I can’t help but be in awe of Tulo throwing to first base. He’s just so damn smooth and graceful out there. It’s like a beautiful magical rainbow of goodness.


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Being at the Dome

Now, this I really miss. I guess I got a little bit of this when I went to the Winter Tour last month but it just wasn’t the same. The Dome was dark, the turf wasn’t rolled out, and it was just so quiet. I was really fortunate last season to go to a bunch of games. There’s really nothing like watching the games at the Dome. Having thousands of people cheering while you cheer, boo while you boo, it’s quite an experience.


So this list probably is not helping the whole I miss baseball thing. If anything, it has probably made it worst. But ST, which is almost kinda-ish real baseball, is so near. So I guess I have that….


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