A Blue Valentine’s Day


So, you’ve procrastinated with your Valentine’s Day planning. All the restaurants are booked, all the flowers have been bought, and only the crappy jewelry are left. I’m here to help you out and suggest an alternative. How about you and your love one sit on the couch, cuddle after an awesome candle lit dinner and watch a romantic… baseball game. Hear me out now.

We all know the orgasmic like feeling of seeing the blond knight in his shining blue armour vanquishing the opponent with his trusty bat on hand. Slaying the disgusting orange beast with 3 mighty swings, so powerful it broke the sky and let the hats fall.

06/17/2016: TOR Saunders @ BALThat’s right folks a hat trick for a Canadian boy, the Bringer of Snow, Michael Saunders. The travelling Jays fans knew exactly what to do and began to toss their hats on the field. Some salty O’s fan called it trashy,...
How many of you thought this was gonna be about Donaldson?

Or having your heart broken while watching the tragic story of a 19-inning loss. Unable to do anything as you watch Lady W slip away from both the starter who only gave up 2 runs and the run of the mill reliever gave all his heart and sacrificed his arm to keep team in the game.

07/01/2016: CLE @ TORBo Schultz and his amazing high socks were stellar on Canada Day. Too bad he became one of the victims of a 19 inning game but can’t wait till you back here Bo! Follow @ ateDARYL

How about under a crying grey sky the pitcher asks, “I’m just a boy, standing in front of his batters, asking them to SCORE ME SOME DAMN RUNS!” And instead of following the tired narrative, they finally take a nap emerge from the from the dark cave of the third base dugout and score for him 12.

08/16/2016: TOR @ NYYEncarnacion’s reaction to Martin’s 2nd HR is amazing! But that last GIF! It’s almost like his excitement tipped him over. Follow @ ateDARYL

As well, the exuberant passion that comes out during an elimination game from the boy we’ve watched grow up into an Ace of a man. Takes the ball and whiffs it by you.

10/18/2016: CLE @ TOR - ALCS G.4The bats may have scored plenty of runs to day but the pitching staff, led by Sanchez ensured that Cleveland had no chance of rallying. Follow | Support

And certainly, you’ve known the naïve or, maybe, we can even describe, optimistic feeling of a new season that will end with the happily ever after we’ve all been longing for. Jumping so quickly on this rebound relationship, despite your heart still mending itself from an ALCS loss and countless goodbye of players you loved.

10/19/2016: CLE @ TOR - ALCS G.5Well, my heart’s already broken why don’t we just step on it. But honestly, our second basemen are so amazing aren’t they? Follow | Support

So, I hope some of you do take my advice, especially considering it will be the first day of Spring Training for our Blue Birds. Happy Valentine’s Days everyone!


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