03/17/2017 Game GIF Recap: Toronto Blue Jays @ Philadelphia Phillies

I was unfortunately listening to this game while I was commuting to work, so my attention was not 100% on it. Part of my commute has me taking the subway and as I entered Estrada just gave up a 3 run HR and the lead.  I saw that as a pretty good sign that I wouldn’t be missing much as I go underground. What I sadly missed was these smiley moments of Estrada on the mound.

But when I finally got to work and turned my radio back on, Ceciliani just hit a grand slam and the Jays took the lead with 7 runs. I mean, I almost felt like I would be jinxing the game if I continued listening.

That would be all the runs the Jays would score in the game but would hold to give the Jays their sixth win of Spring Training.

Some other notable things from the game:

After going 0-11 in his first four games of Spring Training, Troy Tulowitzki seems to have gotten hot and has since gone 3-4 in two games. Today he hit an RBI single that scored the first run of the game.

Rowdy Tellez who took over for Morales in the 6th decided to pull a Donaldson. Although I do think Rowdy may need some practice with his landing, he did get the out and didn’t seem to get injured, so I guessed that’s all that matters.

Saturday’s game is a Mat Latos start and will be televised. I know! Hallelujah!

(Source: MLB.TV)

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