Who Knew Scrums Can Be So Much Fun?

So yesterday this awesome media scrum was posted by Sportsnet. It was meant to a Gibby scrum about Travis and Donaldson’s  progress but because both were at holler away hilariousness was allowed to ensue.

I love Gibby yelling Travis over, and the way he yelled it too was too good. It’s like a dad yelling at his kid over.

And then Travis’ smile and reaction when he announced he’ll be playing a major league game soon was priceless. Even Gibby seemed really happy about it.
And Donaldson took his turn and started with this banter:

And it really is no surprise that Donaldson continued to poke fun of his skipper.

 But Donaldson calling Gibby dad might have been best thing ever.
And I think with this we got a glimpse of what it’s like in that clubhouse.
Source: Sportsnet

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