04/11/2017 GIF Recap: Milwaukee Brewers VS Toronto Blue Jays

Note: I am writing this a couple days after the actual game, but most importantly a couple of losses. So I apologize if this is sounding a little salty. 

I was at this game. I wasn’t really planning to go to the Home Opener because it’s often so busy and the Jays seem to always lose. But I was offered some cheap tickets that I couldn’t say no to. Unfortunately, my reasons of not wanting to go came true.

Happ was on the mound and had a pretty vintage Happ game. Disappointingly, Pre-2015 Happ rather than 2016 Happ. He pitched only 4.2 innings because of some troubling couple of innings and a high strikeout count of 8. He gave up 4 runs, all earned and 2 of which were home runs. He also gave up 9 hits but didn’t walk anyone. His innings seemed so long and drawn out. The Brewers at bats against him were lenghty and that feeling of Happ often confusing hitter seemed to be missing that day.

However, Happ’s less than spectacular outing saw the bullpen pitch 4.1 innings of shutout ball. Leone, Smith, Biagini, Grilli, and Osuna all made an appearance. The two Joe-s really stole the who with both getting two strike outs. These are the type of performances you look for from your bullpen when you’re behind to allow the bats to catch up and yet it wasn’t enough.

The Jays’ bats continue to frustrate pitchers and fans alike. Everyone outside of Tulo and Morales went 0-24 and all runs were batted in by Tulo. The score stayed close the whole game but too much was asked from the two men and the Jays fell 4-3 to the Brewers.

These bats have been so annoying to watch and I really do feel bad for the pitchers. They’re almost required to pitch perfect games and accept the fact the bats are not gonna help you out of jam.

Despite all that crap: Some Tumblr and Twitter friend did give me a heads up on some awesome GIFs for to make, here they are:


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