Just Kids with Beards



I love this quote. It was brought to my attention by Emily (@JaysGirlEmily) from an article written by John Lott in The Athletic, Blue Jays’ Russ Martin will represent Canada as a coach, but he’ll be one of the boysIn the article Martin talked about the disappointment of not playing for Team Canada for the WBC but how his title of “Coach” would not take away from the fact that, as John Lott writes, “He will be one of the boys.”

Martin goes on to say,

“I’m sure even coaches nowadays, even though they don’t wear cleats, they still have the player inside of them,” he said with a smile. “Just like when you’re a kid, and who decides when you’re not a kid anymore? We’re all kids. It’s just, some kids have beards. And some kids have beards with white hair.”

If anyone watched Martin during Spring Training, there is no doubt that he really is just one big kid playing the game he loves. I’ve seen so many photos and made so many GIFs of him laughing on the field, playing around, and seemingly so carefree.

And of course with a line like that I couldn’t just not do anything with it. Does it totally look like Martin no, but it’s really the limits of what my “artistic” abilities will allow of me.

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