2017 Blue Jays Hotness Ranking: #34-25

Well it’s that time of the year (Actually, I’m probably a week late but hey, it got done so shush) where I objectify the talented men that called themselves Blue Jays in 2017 and superficially rank them based on their hotness.

This list was a little harder to make because of the revolving door of players that was on this roster. So as always I made a pretty strict inclusion list just so I can keep the little bit of sanity, and here they are:

  • On the 25 man roster for at least a month, so no Alford or Smith Jr.
  • Ended the season in the Jays system, so no Liriano, Grilli, and Joe Smith.
  • And most importantly, I must remember you, I don’t think I actually cut anyone that fit the first 2 points but not this but there were almosts.

Like in previous years this will be a series, this year it’ll be one more post longer, 4-part series, because of the amount of players that needed to be included. And here’s the first part:

34. Miguel Montero

Some has to be in the bottom of the list and unfortunately for Montero it’s him this year.


33. Ezequiel Carrera

Unfortunately Zeke’s infectious smile wasn’t enough to get a higher spot on the list.



32. Brett Anderson

I know he’s ranked pretty low but I do love the fuzzy ginger bread.

(Getty Images)

31. Steve Pearce

Pearce kinda has resting murder face that terrifies me a little bit.



30. Roberto Osuna

Still can’t believe our most baby blue bird has his own baby blue bird.


29. Jose Bautista

It saddens me that this will be the last year I can put Jose on this list. I may not score him high on this list but please know that I love and respect this man so much.



28. Raffy Lopez

Raffy looks like such a nice guy doesn’t he?

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

27. J.A. Happ

I said it last year but there is something mesmerizing but creepy about Happ’s stares that just gets to me, and not in a good way.


26. Kevin Pillar

Maybe Kevin will get some DILF points  next season but for now he has to settle for number 26.


25. Tom Koehler

Koehler would have probably found himself in my first post a couple weeks ago, but I recently started following him on Instragam (@tkrefresh22) and I can admit that I’m not – not enjoying it.

(Getty Images)

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