2017 Blue Jays Hotness Ranking: 24-15

Alright, so apparently these posts are going to be a week apart. Didn’t plan that but I guess that’s what’s happening. Just in case you missed the last one here it is:

So this week will be the middle of the pack. A little less “who that?” in this one but you could also probably rearrange many of these ranking and I wouldn’t notice.


24. Jeff Beliveau


Oh yeah, he was on this team. He played most of his games with the Jays in the middle of the season so I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys have forgotten him already but he ain’t so bad to look at.

23. Tim Mayza


Mayza got some major browny point because of how great he wears high socks. Like c’mon, look at those legs. They go on forever.

22. Richard Ureña


Ureña’s baby face is too adorable for words. And I love that every time the camera pans on him he almost always had a look of awe, as if he doesn’t believe he’s playing in the bigs.

21. Mike Bolsinger


So I really, really, enjoyed Bolsinger’s floppy hair. It was run-your-fingers-through levels.

20. Aaron Loup


Yes, my low key crush on Loup is alive and well. I think my favourite part of Loup is when he gets himself in trouble, but somehow miraculously gets himself out of it, he often has this smirk on his face, as if he’s wondering along with us how he was able to do it.

19. Dominic Leone


I personally think Leone is adorable. Maybe more, bff adorable, but adorable none the less.

18. Matt Dermody

MLB / Cut4

It’s weird, but Dermody looked like a completely different man without the mullet… and wearing clothes.

17. Joe Biagini


I’d like think Joe and I are friends now, and so hopefully he’s not too mad that I ranked him so low. But we all know this weirdo has a special place in my heart.

16. Aaron Sanchez


It’s a shame we didn’t get much of those long legs this season.

15. Justin Smoak


Did him hitting better and more HRs make him hotter? Maybe….


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