2017 Blue Jays Hotness Ranking: 14-1

Alright, so here’s the last part of this list. Just for a little reminder here’s how the bottom part of this list went.

14. Chris Rowley


Man, was Rowley ever easy to cheer for. Great story, pitched well for hit first couple start, and super damn hot.

13. Rob Refsnyder


So I had a mini crush on Refsnyder when he was with the Yanks, but he was with the Yanks so it all felt dirty and kept my mouth shut. So, it was huge sigh of relief when the Jays traded for him, obviously not because he was good because holy crap Rob is kinda terrible.

12. Ryan Tepera


Tepera got the Justin Smoak effect as well, where maybe his hotness was amplified by his good year. So here’s hoping Ryan Tepera remains hot again next year.

11. Teoscar Hernandez


Does anyone else think Teoscar kinda looks like Ben Revere? Especially when he smiles, and just like Revere, that smile is perfection.

10. Devon Travis


Different year, same infectious smile.

9. Marcus Stroman


Stro’s swagger was in full force this summer, and my god was it fun to watch.

8. Ryan Goins


Not gonna lie, I went in to the 2017 season hoping Ryan Goins wouldn’t make enough appearances to be included in this list, but I should know better than to bet against GoGo and that beautiful face.

7. Luke Maile


I know we got to see Luke Maile as a Ray but I never thought anything of him. And then he puts on a Jays’ uniform and with catchers gear and off a sudden he’s a freaking stud. Apparently he had a face fit for a Disney Prince.

6. Troy Tulowitzki


I know, I know, Tulo dropped a couple spots. But it’s not because he all of sudden got less hot, it’s more that a couple of the new breakouts in my top 5 got SO MUCH MORE HOT. I really wished we got to see more of Tulo this season (as she said for the third season in a row) but the glimpses we did get I’m pretty sure left as all satisfied.

5. Darwin Barney


Oh Darwin, I fear this may be the last time I get to include you on this list and if it is I do want to thank you for gracing all us Jays fans with your beautiful dimples and dreamy eyes.

4. Russell Martin


Martin probably made the biggest improvement from last year. He came into spring training looking leaner and so much younger and it was breathtaking. I really hope whatever he continues what he did last off season because my eyes were very pleased with the result.

3. Josh Donaldson


WHAAAAT! JOSH DROPPED A SPOT! I’m sorry everyone. But just Tulo, it’s not because he got less hot. It more so that I kinda fangirled over someone else more this season. Also I feel like he gave me so much less smutty moments to work with, LOL. So, really I guess Josh only have himself to blame.

2. Danny Barnes


Oh, my Danny boy. My crush on this man is not good. Everything he does totally works for me: the beard, the amazing pitching performance, and that face. It’s probably not good to be so invested with a reliever, but damn it I’m hooked.

1. Marco Estrada


There was a lot of movement on this list but is anyone really shock that Marco is still number one. I don’t know what else I can that I haven’t said already the last couple of years. All season long I was so worried that Marco’s days with the Jays were numbered, either by trade or free agency. As bandwagoner, I’ve never know the Jays with the beautiful man going every fifth day and I may have been an emotional mess if I did have to say goodbye, even more than I was with Cola. So I’m obviously very happy he’s back for another year, I hoped it would have been multiple years but at this point I’m just happy that we’ll probably have another year where Marco will be number one this list.


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