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A Blue Valentine’s Day

So, you’ve procrastinated with your Valentine’s Day planning. All the restaurants are booked, all the flowers have been bought, and only the crappy jewelry are left. I’m here to help you out and suggest an alternative. How about you and your love one sit on the couch, cuddle after an awesome candle lit dinner and watch a romantic… baseball game. Hear me out now. [Full Story…]

Dear Baseball, Come Back to Me.

5 Things I Miss about Baseball

With Spring Training, less than a month away, I can’t help but get excited that baseball season is getting closer. But it also reminds me that man, I really miss baseball. So with these thoughts floating around my head I decided to continue and torture myself and list the top 5 things that I miss about the game we love. It’s not really in any order because, let’s be honest, I miss everything about it. [Full Story…]

Blue Jays Top 10 Reactions of 2016

The MLB Instagram account posted their Top 10 reactions of 2016 this afternoon and I was kinda bummed that there was no Jays reaction on there, especially considering how underwhelming some of the reaction were. So I took it upon myself to create my own Top 10 Reaction just for our Blue Birds. Hope you enjoy. [Full Story…]

Canada Come T.O.gether: The Implication of the Toronto Blue Jays as a National Symbol

On September 26, 2015 the Jumbotron in the Roger’s Centre announced to a sold out crowd that the Toronto Blue Jays secured a postseason berth, finally ending twenty two years draught. I was fortunate to be part of that crowd that numbered just under 50,000 people, and shared with them the euphoria of seeing history in the making. Similarly, when different media outlets are examined, this feeling of excitement seemed to spread wider than just the Greater Toronto Area, and crossed the nation from sea to sea. Scott Bauer of Vancouver explained, “I’m totally a bandwagon fan, I bet on them winning the World Series and found myself drawn in to supporting them.”[i] While, at the same time, there also seemed to be a Maritime province flag being waved at every Jays’ game I attended. The national support helped propel the Jays as a Canadian national symbol that embodied parts of Canada’s national identity. Alongside my own personal experience of attending and watching games and Amy J. Ransom’s chapter “Hockey as Nationalist Marker in Quebec Film, but which Nationalism?” in Hockey PQ: Canada’s Game in Quebec’s Popular Culture this paper will explore the implications behind embracing sports as a national symbol by Canadians. Firstly, the Jays and the game of baseball became a stage for Canadian sovereignty and pride. Similarly, it reflected a key distinct aspect of the Canadian identity, distinguishing what we are not, Americans. However, as discussed in Ransom’s article I will also explore the limitations of the collective experience, especially in Quebec. Therefore, the game of baseball and the dramatic sudden successes of the Toronto Blue Jays during the 2015 season provided an avenue for the imagined community to share an experience of communal support and adoration for the team. This communal experience is a model representation of a part of the Canadian identity, the internalization of Canadian supposed inferiority to their southern neighbours, the United States of America.[Full Story…]

End of the Season Wrap Up: The Blue Jay that surprised you the most?

For the Jays to make it back to the postseason a couple of guys had to step up and have a season not many of us expected from them. Most of us agree that it came down to two players:

@desadaraay: Biagini or Carrera. Both really impressed me this year.

Not much of was expected of Biagini. One can only hoped that he pitched well enough the he could be hidden in the bullpen, instead we saw him gain the trust of everyone including Gibby and he was pitching in high leverage situation even over veterans like Storen, Chavez, and Cecil.

@atedaryl: This should be no shocker to anyone but for me it would be Joe Biagini. I remember when we picked him in the Rule 5 draft, I quickly googled what Rule 5 meant and who the the world was this Joseph Biagini guy. He pitched a couple good innings in the ST but there was so many pitchers pitching that he kinda got loss in all the names for me. Then the interview with him and Barry Davis was posted after it was confirmed that the Jays would be keeping him and he automatically made a fan out of me. Outside of Osuna, he was really the only bullpen pitcher who remained consisted from the beginning to end. I’m gonna be really sad if they choose to stretch him out in Buffalo next season but hopefully it just means I will get to see more of him in the future.

[Full Story…]

Game Summary: 09/27/2016: BAL @ TOR (W, 5-1)

As Jays fan we’re bred to hate the O’s, and I share such sentiment but damn do I love Birds vs. Birds series cause for sure they’re not going to be boring, especially when the Jays win.

Aaron Sanchez was once again amazing and pitched 6 innings, only giving up 1 run and striking out 10. If the Jays and O’s do face each other in the Wild Card game I suspect that it will be Sanchez who will again face the O’s and I have all the confidence in him after all his done this season. [Full Story…]

Game Summary: 09/26/2016: NYY @ TOR (L, 7-5)

Well, that didn’t end at all how I wanted it. Jays were coming into this game with the series win already but the sweep would have been so sweet.

The game started less than ideal when Gardner singled and made it to third base after a throwing error by Martin. However, that would be the only run Happ would give up until 8th when he gave a solo homerun to Hicks. Biagini and Cecil would both come in to finish off the inning and really things seemed all nice and rosy, albeit with a 1 run lead. [Full Story…]


Well, that didn’t end at all how I wanted it. Jays were coming into this game with the series win already but the sweep would have been so sweet.

It’s kinda crazy how much #ComeTOgether encapsulates both the Blue Jays and fans experience this year. These promo lines are made in the beginning of the year and are usually super cheesy and let’s be honest don’t necessarily amount to anything. But “Come Together” was just something else. [Full Story…]