Hey guys,

As many of you guys know I’ve been making GIFs and edits for over a year, even during the offseason. It’s been a fun ride and I’m so happy that I bandwagoned with this team. But as  GIF making and, especially, edits take quite some time to do and money as well (MLB TV ain’t cheap) and despite the traffic I get there’s it is hard to monetize because of how visually based this blog is. So for those you guys who have enjoyed the work I’ve done and have the financial capabilities (please don’t donate if you can’t) to support this blog I would be so grateful.

I’ve set up two ways that you could help the blog out.

1. The first is a one time donation throught PayPal. Just click they yellow button below to enter what ever value you can donate.

2. The second is through supporting me through Patreon: For those who are new to Partreon it is a crowd funding platform where you, the patron, can pledge to donate a given amount of dollar monthly. In return for your amazing support I have setup monthly gifts as thank you for your support.

Again only donate if you can. You’re reblogs, likes, asks, and discussions is equally valuable as monetary support. But regardless thank you all for your support and amazing laughs this pass year.

– Daryl, a.k.a ateDARYL